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Pun Kotzky 
Quality Beagles for home or show ring


GCHB Fanta's Brand Dream On at Pun Kotzky  
Available to aproved bitches

Multi CH Pun Kotzky Man O'War

​co-owned with Anastasia Krylova

BISS GCH Pun Kotzky International Man of Mystery


GCH Eardley Escort
co-owned with Tin Jones and Steve Jepson

"Pixie Dust"
RBIS MBISS GCHS Pun Kotzky Treasure in the Dust 

GCH Pun Kotzky Treasure of the Heart
co-owned with David Hiltz 

GCH Pun Kotzky Pot of Hold
co-owned with Shawn and Bobbie Roblee

Pun Kotzky N Bridgehill's Us and Them
co-owned with Gretchen Milke and Tracy Ballou  

CH Pun Kotzky Une Femme Amoureuse
co-owned with Robin Wescher

Pun Kotzky Dyno-Mite U R Gonna Love Me
co-owned with Linda Ugenti  

Pun Kotzky Addicted To Love
co-owned with Richard and Laura Whitman

Young hopefuls

Pun Kotzky Sweet Dreems Are Made of This

Pun Kotzky Mirray Dream Big
co-owned with Miranda Hacker

Pun Kotzky Alpenglow A Time To Dream
co-owned with Liz Friedlander

Pun Kotzky  Dust of Angels

Pun Kotzky Dust In the Wind

Pun Kotzky Like Gold Dust

Pun Kotzky Manahound Eardley Shegadelic
co-owned with Ann Powers

Pun Kotzky Make The Dust Fly
co-owned with Ann Powers

Pun Kotzky Manahound Eardley Courtesan 


CH Starbuck Torbay Legally Wild, CDX RAE TD CD
04/11/2004 - 09/14/2018 

CH Starbuck Torbay Deva of Pun Kotzky 

GCH Pun Kotzky Fete de la Musique 

BISS GCHS Pun Kotzky Treasure Island