RBIS MBISS GCHS Pun Kotzky Treasure in the Dust
"Pixie Dust"
(GCH Fanta's Brand Dream On at Pun Kotzky x GCHS BISS Pun Kotzky Treasure Island)
DOB: June 26, 2015
Breeder: Oleg Voloshin amd Oksana Gavrilova
Height: 13.75" 
Health tests and clearences:
Neonatal Cerebellar Cortical Degeneration  -  Normal/Clear by parentage
Cone Rod Dystrophy  -  Clear/Normal by parentage
Factor VII Deficiency  -  Carrier 
I merslung-Grasbeck Syndrome  -  Normal/Clear by parentage
Musladine-Lueke Syndrome  - Normal by parentage
Primary Open Angle Glaucoma  -  Normal by parentage
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency  -  Normal/Clear by parentage
Both Parents have cardiac, patella, elbow and eyes clearences and GOOD hips
Coat color genotyping - Dominant tricolor (cannot produce any colors other than classic tricolor) by parentage
    Pixie Dust has finished her championship title in two weekend, undefeated in classes and with some expra point obtained by going over specials. Next weekend she won Owner Handler Best in Show and weeken after that she was placed in e very competitive Mid Atlantic Hound group.   
    Pixie Dust is being selectively campaigned and with very limited showing she is currently top 5 America’s beagle, both breed and all breed points.  Her major achievements so far include:
  • National Beagle Club of America Best of Opposite Sex (owner handled)
  • National Beagle Club of America Best Owner Handled
  • Owner Handler Best in Show
  • Reserve Best in Show
  • Westminster Kennel Club Best of Variety
  • Multiple Hound Group Firsts (most of them owner handled)
  • 3x Best in Specialty Show (Southern California BC and double Wisconsin BC, all owner handled)
  • Best in Hound Specialty (Chicagoland Hound association, owner handled)
  • Achieved Silver Grand Champion level

     Pixie Dust is a very sweet girl and is a pure pleasure to show and live with.

Pixie Dust's Pedigree:

Pixie Dust's Winning Photo Gallery:

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